SLT 150

12 May 2015   12:05 PM

CNC Lathe Trainer with Siemens Servo Motors and 4 Station automatic Turret (Model: SLT 150_Slant)

SMT 250

May 12, 2015   12:05 PM

Hytech CNC Mill Trainer with Siemens Servo Motors and CutViewer PLC Controller

6 Axes Robotic Arm

26 May 2015   12:05 PM

Machine: Robotic Trainer Kit Model: Globe_6 Axes

4th Axis Machining

Jun 1, 2015   5:40 PM

Hytech CNC Mill Trainer with Servo Motors and 4th Axis Arrangement

HPL 100 with Hydraulic Tailstock and Hydraulic Chuck

2015-08-22   11:40

HPL 100 with Siemens 808D Controller

Flexible Manufacturing System

2015-10-27   12:58

Flexible Manufacturing System with Automatic Storage and Retrieval System, Automated Guided Vehicle, Turning Center, Milling Center and 6 Axes Robo with Conveyor

Electropneumatic Trainer Kit with PLC

2016-02-25   09:00

Electropneumatic Trainer Kit with Siemens S7 200 PLC and HMI. Color based sorting module with digital photosensor. Provision to make dynamic ladder changes in PLC.