Educational robo trainer kit are manufacturers and suppliers to all India as well as world. Hytech World is in the educational organization from last twenty three years. We are well known organization for educational robo trainer kit and all other kind educational equipments.

Key Features:

  • Servo Motors and Servo Drives from Mitsubishi / Siemens
  • Imported Racks and Pinions
  • Programming through G codes and M codes
  • Gripper Opening Space of 0 to 60mm
  • High Level of position Accuracy
  • Teaching of Robo is done through touch screen HMI
  • Continuous display of coordinates on HM
  • Payload capacity of 2KG
  • Programming through G codes and M Codes
  • Different Work Coordinate System (WCS) and Machine Coordinate System (MCS)
  • Option of Handwheel available
  • MDI (Manual Data Input) option available
  • Software over travel limits
  • Single Block Function
  • Machine Home / Machine Zero Facility
  • Up to 8 different work offsets can be set
  • Simulation Mode Available
  • Easy to edit loaded program
  • Feed rate can be changed dynamically through handwheel
  • Electrical gripper
  • Gripper opening up to 85 mm
  • Separate Alarm window for enhanced user experience
  • Up to 10 different positions can be stored
  • Industrial rigid design
  • Industrial Electrical Gripper



  • Control Software for Robo

    JOG Mode for Robo

  • MDI Mode for Robo

Machine Specifications

Axis 1 Rotary Axis 0 to 270 Degrees
Axis 2 Linear Axis - Horizantal 500 mm
Axis 3 Linear Axis - Vertical 600 mm
Axis 4 Rotary Axis - Gripper 0 to 240 Degrees
Rapid Travel 5,000 mm/min for Servo / 1,000 mm/min for Stepper
Linear Axis Actuators Stepper Motors / Servo Motors
Rotary Axis Actuators Stepper Motors
Gripper Opening 0 to 80 mm
Payload Capacity 2 Kg
Gripper Actuation Electrical
Controller Type PLC Based
Interpolation 4 Axes Simultaneous Interpolation
Communication Type Ethernet Communication
Positioning 0.020 mm
Repeatability + / - 0.010 mm
Resolution 0.010 mm
Rotary Axis Resolution 0.02 Degrees
JOG Function Through Software
Single Block Function Provided
Position Storage Facility Up to 10 Different positions can be stored
Handwheel / MPG Provided
Machine Zero Facility Provided
Software Over Travel Limits Negative and Positive Over travel limits for every Axis
Machine Details:
Interpolation Linear / Circular / Parabolic
Path Type Point to Point
Linear & Circular
Interpolated path
Operations that can be performed Pick and Place
Machine Loading and Unloading
Weight 290 Kg
Power Supply 230V, Single Phase
Download Download catalog of SUPREME - 4 AXES.