SMT 250S-Servo is a servo motor based CNC Trainer machine. We have successfully implemented Servo technology in our Trainer machines. Now it is possible to provide hands on experience to students to most of the machine tool industry norms. Rapid travel of 10,000 mm/min and Fanuc / Siemens emulated keyboard imparts necessary industrial grade machine experience to students.

Complete independence from computer (No I/O card used) prevents this machine from any issues related with electrical supply (Noise and Spikes). Down time of PLC based machines is 90% less as compared to other computer (I/O Card) based machines.

Also, PLC allows HYTECH machines to be operated remotely. Hence problem detection and eventual solution can be attained within minutes.

  • SMT 250 Servo with 4th Axis Arrangement
  • SMT 250
  • 4th Axis Arrangement
    4th Axis Machining
  • Pneumatic Vice

Separate Control Panel with PLC

    • Separate Control Panel with isolation
    • Industrial PLC
    • Servo Motors and Servo Drives from Mitsubishi / Siemens
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Ample space provided for natural cooling. No Air Conditioning required
    • Easy Access
    • Zinc plated panel to give better EMF shielding and to reduce noise.

Separate controller behind machine providing easy access for maintenance

Provision of 4th Axis

    The 4th axis is used in conjunction with the HYTECH mill to give you an additional degree of freedom while machining parts. Rotary table is provided in this machine as a 4th Axis. Resolution of this 4th axis (A axis) is 0.02 degrees.


4th Axis Arrangement

Control Panel integrated with machine

    1. Industrial design
    2. Fanuc / Siemens Emulated Keyboard
    3. Operator Friendly Design
    4. Easy Maintenance

Separate Console with Industrial MOP

Z Axis LM Guideways in SMT 250

X, Y Axis LM Guideways in SMT 250

Key features of this PLC based machine are as follows

    • PLC based technology which is much more advances than PC (I/O Card) based technology generally used in trainer machines
    • Technical Tie up CutViewer – United Kingdom
    • CutViewer - 3D Simulation Software for Machine operation
    • Technical Tie Up with Alstron - Singapore for Machine control technology
    • Provision of 4th Axis
    • Rapid up to 10,000 mm/min
    • Position Accuracy: 5 micron / 0.005 mm
    • Repeatability: 10 micron / 0.010 mm
    • Feed Rate: 0 – 10,000 mm/min (Continuous Variable)
    • Servo Motor Make: Mitsubishi / Siemens (Imported from Japan / Germany)
    • Fanuc / Siemens emulated keyboards
    • Imported Stepper Motor Drives from Alstron Singapore
    • Industrial PLC
    • FMS Compatibility
    • Pneumatic Vice
    • Imported Ball Screws
    • Provision of Automatic Door (Optional)
    • Metallic Telescopic Bellows (Optional)
    • Sturdy & Rigid Mechanical Design with Finite Element Analysis.
    • Constant Surface cutting speed is possible
    • Parabola, Circular Interpolation is possible
    • Emergency Stop and Over travel limits are provided

Industrial PLC

Siemens Servo Motor and Drive

Fanuc emulated keyboard

Pneumatic Vice

This machine works on a Windows based software from CutViewer – United Kingdom. This software, which is used in more than 32 countries all over the world for industrial operations provides the necessary industrial exposure to students.

Key features of CutViewer Mill software are as follows

    • Cross Section Displa
    • Built in Editor (for those last minute fixes)
    • Trace forward / backward
    • Dynamic rotation of viewpoint
    • Linear and Angular Measurement
    • STL Compare' function
    • Volumetric Measurement
    • Machining Time Calculation
    • Rapid Collision Detection
    • Canned Cycles
    • Dynamic Zoom / Pan / Rotation
    • Turbomode - Results in few seconds
    • Block cycle Time can be precisely measured

CutViewer Simulation Software

Machine Specifications

SMT 250
Axis Motor and Drive Servo Motor with Servo Drives
X Axis Travel 300 mm
Y Axis Travel 225 mm
Z Axis Travel 250 mm
4th Axis Provision (Optional) Provided
Distance between Table top and Spindle Nose 70 - 370 mm
Spindle to column distance 270 mm
Feed Rate 0 to 10,000 mm/min
Rapid Travel 10,000 mm/min
Table Size 560 x 220 mm
T Slot 3 x 10 x 50
Load on Table 120 Kg
Spindle Motor Capacity 2 HP
Spindle Nose Taper ISO 30 / BT 30
Spindle RPM 100 to 3000 RPM
CNC Controller Details
Controller CutViewer-United Kingdom
Control System PLC Based Control System
Operating Software CutViewer - United Kingdom
Positioning 0.010 mm
Repeatability +- 0.005 mm
Resolution 0.001 mm
4th Axis Resolution (Optional) 0.02 Degrees
Tool Changer (ATC)
Tool Changer Automatic
No. of Tools 8
Maximum Tool Length 40 mm
Maximum Tool Dia. 16 mm
Type of ATC Umbrella Type
Actuation Hydraulic (Compressor not required)
Machine Details:
Run Speed Control Computer Controlled with Software
Interpolation Linear / Circular / Parabolic
Real Time tool path simulation Provided
Vice Type Pneumatic/ Manual
Dimension in mm 1300 x 1100 x 1900 mm
Download Download catalog of SMT 250 Servo.