Flexible Manufacturing System

Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is a system in which Method of producing goods is readily adaptable to the changes in the product being manufactured. A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) gives manufacturing firms an advantage in a quickly changing manufacturing environment.

Hytech Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is a prototype of FMS which are currently being used in the industry. It consists of following equipment:

  • CNC Lathe
  • CNC Mill
  • 5 Axes Robo
  • HMI (FMS Control Unit)

Robotic Arm picks up a job from the stack and loads it in the CNC Lathe Chuck (Hydraulically operated Automatic / Power Chuck). After the ‘Turning’ operation is carried out on the CNC Lathe, Robotic Arm removes the job from the chuck.

Robotic Arm covers the linear distance between turning center and milling center.

The same job is automatically loaded in the Automatically operated (Pneumatic / Hydraulic) Vice of CNC Milling machine with the help of 5 Axes Robo.

Once the Milling operation is performed, the robotic arm removes the finished job from the milling machine vice and places it in the finished product’s pallet.

In ‘Hytech’ FMS, institute can operate FMS system as a whole as well as they can operate each machine individually. Highest levels of safety features are provided to avoid any mishap.

Specifications of FMS & CNC Mill Machine

CLT 100S-Servo MT 250S-Servo
Machine Details:
Bed Type 45 Degrees Slant
Chuck Size 100 mm (Dia)
Chuck Type Hydraulic
Maximum Turning Diameter 40 mm
Maximum Turning Length 250 mm
Center Height 100 mm
Swing over Cross Slide 60 mm
Swing Over Bed 200 mm
Distance between Centre 320 mm
Run Speed Control Computer Controlled with Software Computer Controlled with Software
Interpolation Linear / Circular / Parabolic Linear / Circular / Parabolic
Cycles Used G, M, S, T, F, I, K, M, F G, M, S, T, F, I, K, M, F
Cycles Circular Interpolation / Canned
Threading Straight / Taper
Pocket & Helical Milling --------------- Provided with standard codes
Real Time tool path simulation Provided
Vice Type Pneumatic/ Manual
Dimension in mm 1540 x 1200 x 1700 mm
CNC Controller Details
Controller Hytech with CutViewer-United Kingdom CutViewer-United Kingdom
Control System PLC Based Control System PLC Based Control System
Operating Software CutViewer - United Kingdom CutViewer - United Kingdom
Keyboard Type Standard
Positioning 0.005 mm 0.010 mm
Repeatability +- 0.005 mm +- 0.005 mm
Resolution 0.001 mm 0.001 mm
Spindle Motor AC Servo
Spindle Motor Capacity 2 HP 2 HP
Spindle RPM 100 to 4000 RPM with VFD 100 to 3000 RPM
Spindle Speed Continuos Variable
Spindle Nose Taper MT 3 ISO 30
Hole Through Spindle 20 mm

Specifications of 5 Axes Robo

Axis 1 3,000 mm, Linear with Servo Motor
Position Accuracy of Axis 1 100 micron
Feed Rate of Axis 1 0 – 5,000 mm/min (Continuous Variable)
Axis 2 Linear Axis (Vertical) 600mm
Axis 3 Linear Axis (Horizontal) 700mm
Axis 4 Rotary Axis 210°
Axis 5 Gripper
Gripper Opening 0 to 80mm
Payload Capacity 2 KG

Key Features

    1. Individual control panels are provided for CNC Lathe, CNC Mill as well as 5 Axes Robo. When FMS is not operational, each machine can be operated as an individual machine
    2. Master control is provided for FMS. When FMS is functional, only master control can be operated. All other individual control panels are dysfunctional during the operation of FMS.
    3. Teaching of Robo can be done via master control.
    4. Touch screen HMI is provided for master control
    5. Automatically operated chuck for CNC Lathe
    6. Automatically operated vice for CNC Milling machine
    7. In Work/ Command Under Process/ Job completed Signal is indicated with the help of Machine Signal Tower.
    8. Payload capacity of 2KG
    9. Servo motor with servo drive is provided to achieve position accuracy of 100 microns (Over the entire length of 3,000 meters).
    10. Automatically operated chuck for CNC Lathe
    11. Automatically operated vice for CNC Milling machine
    12. Position Accuracy of 5 microns in CNC Lathe and CNC Mill
    13. User Friendly Teach and Execute Function

Industrial PLC

    • Industrial PLC
    • 920 KHz
    • More than 250 IO Lines

Industrial PLC

Servo Motor and Servo Drives

    • Servo Motors and Servo Drives from Mitsubishi / Siemens
    • Rapid of 10,000 mm/min
    • Position Accuracy of 1 micron
    • Repeatability of 10 micron
    • Temperature and Current indication

Siemens Servo Motor and Drive

Download Download catalog of Flexible Manufacturing System.