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Key Features:

  • Servo Motors and Servo Drives from Mitsubishi / Siemens
  • Imported Racks and Pinions
  • Programming through G codes and M codes
  • Gripper Opening Space of 0 to 60mm
  • High Level of position Accuracy
  • Teaching of Robo is done through touch screen HMI
  • Continuous display of coordinates on HM
  • Payload capacity of 2KG
  • Programming through G codes and M Codes
  • Different Work Coordinate System (WCS) and Machine Coordinate System (MCS)
  • Option of Handwheel available
  • MDI (Manual Data Input) option available
  • Software over travel limits
  • Single Block Function
  • Machine Home / Machine Zero Facility
  • Up to 8 different work offsets can be set
  • Simulation Mode Available
  • Easy to edit loaded program
  • Feed rate can be changed dynamically through handwheel
  • Electrical gripper
  • Gripper opening up to 85 mm
  • Separate Alarm window for enhanced user experience
  • Up to 10 different positions can be stored
  • Industrial rigid design
  • Industrial Electrical Gripper

  • Apex 5 Axes

  • Control Software for Robo

    JOG Mode for Robo

  • MDI Mode for Robo

Machine Specifications

Axis 1 Linear Axis 500 mm
Axis 2 Rotary Axis 0 to 270 Degrees
Axis 3 Linear Axis - Horizantal 500 mm
Axis 4 Linear Axis - Vertical 600 mm
Axis 5 Rotary Axis - Gripper 0 to 240 Degrees
Rapid Travel 5,000 mm/min for Servo / 1,000 mm/min for Stepper
Linear Axis Actuators Stepper Motors / Servo Motors
Rotary Axis Actuators Stepper Motors
Gripper Opening 0 to 80 mm
Payload Capacity 2 Kg
Gripper Actuation Electrical
Controller Type PLC Based
Interpolation 4 Axes Simultaneous Interpolation
Communication Type Ethernet Communication
Positioning 0.020 mm
Repeatability + / - 0.010 mm
Resolution 0.010 mm
Rotary Axis Resolution 0.02 Degrees
JOG Function Through Software
Single Block Function Provided
Position Storage Facility Up to 10 Different positions can be stored
Handwheel / MPG Provided
Machine Zero Facility Provided
Software Over Travel Limits Negative and Positive Over travel limits for every Axis
Machine Details:
Interpolation Linear / Circular / Parabolic
Path Type Point to Point
Linear & Circular
Interpolated path
Operations that can be performed Pick and Place
Machine Loading and Unloading
Weight 290 Kg
Power Supply 230V, Single Phase
Download Download catalog of Apex 5 Axes.